Asian Basketball
  If people ask you about Asian basketball players, you’ll probably think of Yao Ming or Jeremy Lin. Most people don’t view basketball as an Asian sport but they view ping pong or badminton as an Asian sport. The truth is that there are mamicroSDny good Asian basketball players but many teams don’t recognize their talent. So in conclusion, it’s up to you “The Fans” to support having more Asian players in the NBA. Allen Mak
  如果有人問你亞洲的籃球運動員,你可能會想到姚明或者是林書豪。許多人不覺得籃球是亞洲人的運動,他們認為乒乓球或者羽毛球才是亞洲人的運動。而事實上,亞洲有許多好的籃球運動員,然而許多球隊沒有意識到他們所擁有的才能。總之,NBA越來越多的亞洲籃球運固態硬碟動員取決於你,作為“球迷”對他們的支持。  (原標題:英語角)
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